Shortening Bridges and Filling in the Gaps

There are many types of structural bridges in the world, leading you to wonderful places all created by God. The intricate way these bridges are formed is amazing. The places that they lead to can be awe inspiring. There is however, a far more magnificent bridge that people spend far less time talking about. I’m talking about the bridge that allows us to fill in the gaps in people’s lives.

Scripture says “Enter through the narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14 TNIV

With that so clearly stated we know that the bridge to enter God’s kingdom is narrow. Though it leads to a life God intended for each of us, there are sadly few people who will find it.

Shortening Life’s Bridges

The Bridge that fills the gap to our Lord and Savior is narrow. It takes acknowledgement and belief that God is our Lord and that Jesus died for our sins. It takes a desire to admit that you need the grace and understanding of God. The road that leads you to God is narrow but, the relationship you will have with God is vast and all encompassing.

So why then, is it that there are so few that find their way to eternal life? The road that leads to sin and brokenness is broad and full of colorful promises. These promises leave you feeling lost and empty by the time you’ve made it the end. Perhaps, if people took the time to recognize the pain and brokenness in others more people would find the light that leads to the narrow gate.

Filling in Life’s Gaps

The bridge that fills the gaps between people, from an overall perspective, appears vastly enormous and complicated. If we approach the gaps from the absolute smallest perspective, those bridges can be so miniscule that the gaps are filled in mere seconds.

The depth of our bridges can vary from day to day, minute to minute, depending on the type of day we are having. Sometimes large and overwhelming, other times just a little gap that needs only a small repair.

We as a society can become self absorb as the hustle of life takes its course, we often forget how simple it can be to fill in a gap of loneliness in someone’s life. We often forget to thank the people who are most important to us for the way they fill up the gaps in our lives.

There are gaps in some lives that only God can completely fill, we can’t completely fill those gaps, but we can surely shorten the bridge, by filling in the small gaps. Slowly surrounding that enormous gap and shining enough light for it to begin to close.

Changing Lives

If we were to make a conscious effort to fill in the gaps, there would be a lot less people walking around with the Golden Gate Bridge leading the way into their hearts.

We can’t change the world all at once but we can bridge the gaps one by one simply by showing the Grace of God. Saying the kind things we think about others, instead of keeping them to ourselves. Often, people have no idea how we really feel about them.

If God can move mountains certainly we can fill in the gaps and shorten the bridges to the hearts of those around us. Filling in the gaps and shortening the bridges will help put people on that narrow path that leads to God and Eternal life. Help those around you find that narrow path. Bridge the gaps to the hearts around you one by one filling in the gaps.

~Be Gracefully Inspired